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Tire curing

You can find information about our range of Tire curing equipment.

Hydraulic Tire curing Presses

Frame type

Frame type - Curing Press

In 1972, we were the first company to introduce hydraulic tire curing presses to the market. Since then, this design has proved to be very successfully with customers around the world.

Today, the product is experiencing a renaissance, as a machine to replace mechanical curing presses for passenger tires.

This means the machine can be installed on the same footprint as a mechanical curing press. more...
Frame Type RH press

Column type

Column Type Curing Press

Developed in 1997/98 the column type press is the flagship of our curing press line. By the beginning of 2004 we have sold already more than 350 machines.

The hydraulic press is available as a 46 and 52inch machine. All presses are manufactured to the highest standards in our factory ThyssenKrupp Belisce, Croatia.

The goal of the design was to be able to offer a competitive price, considering the total cost of ownership, without sacrificing any performance features. more...
Column Type KHP press

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